Craftsmanship of trailers

A lot of people think you can tell the difference between trailers by just looking at specs.  The real truth is specs have become marketing terms more than anything in the trailer industry.  Spec words like screwed together often really mean semi screwed together.  Tube steel construction often means a few pieces of tube steel are used in a trailer for example.  The real thing to look at is craftsmanship.  Getting a trailer made from a company that prides itself on quality over production is a big deal.  When employees are paid by the hour and quality is main product of production you will get a much different trailer than when independent contractors are paid by production.  When pride of ownership is gone and its all about production you often have extremely poor quality trailers. 

At Predator Eagle Trailers we make sure all of our trailers are of the highest quality.  We check and inspect that each of our employees are welding every weldable spot on our frames.  We weld the top the bottom and the sides.  We do this because that is how we would want it built if we were going to use the trailer everyday for our business.  Our customers depend on our trailers and if our trailer is down our customer is down.  We do not cut corners for that reason.

Predator Eagle Trailers are Built to Last

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Is the guy that made the trailer the guy that sold you the trailer?

When you go to a trailer dealer… they have no idea what they are selling.  If they knew of the quality in many cases I doubt they could actually sell the stuff.  We make all our trailers in Largo, FL.  We know what we are selling and it is the highest quality.

Total cost of ownership of a Trailer

If you plan to use the trailer everyday….  Quality does cost less in the long run.  Many of our trailers are still on the road from the early 90’s.  Our competition can’t say the same thing. 

Also what is the real cost when you have a crew of 5 people waiting to repair a trailer that was poorly put together? 

When you get a trailer that is tack welded with small steel over time things break and the repairs can add up.  We sell to professionals and we make a professional grade trailer.  The initial investment in quality will really pay of later in both saved down time and repair costs.

Quality Custom Trailers & Repairs

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Warranty Work and Service

If you get a trailer from 100 miles away will you really drive it over to complain about poor quality?  Many people will not.  The manufacturers in Georgia want you to come to them to cut out the middleman but the real reason is they want to make it tough for you to bring it back when welds fail and the trailer falls apart from its cheap construction. 

If it looks to good to be true it probably is

We see many trailers marketed for less than the cost of the components to build the trailer.  Why is the case?  It either could be they can’t sell them and are discounting them, or the materials they claim to use are not the materials they are actually using.  Either way buyer beware, there is no free lunch.

Ask anyone that has purchased a cheap trailer and ask them if they would buy another one from the same manufacturer again.  The answer is an overwhelming NO!!!  Ask a Predator Eagle customer and the answer is I would never buy another trailer from anyone else.