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Dump Trailers

A dump trailer is a type of trailer that is attached to a vehicle and used to haul loose bulk materials. It gets its name from its most defining feature – the ability to hydraulically “dump” or unload its contents from the back of the trailer bed.

Sizes and Capacities

Our dump trailers come in various sizes, from small dump trailers for light-duty work to large dump trailers for heavy construction and hauling. They are also available in different weight capacities.

predator eagle dump trailer

Dump Trailer Uses

Once a load is transported to the desired location, the dump trailer’s hydraulic rams raise the front of the trailer bed while the rear gate is opened, allowing the contents to slide or “dump” out the back.

Construction and Demolition

Dump trailers are indispensable on construction sites for hauling all sorts of heavy building materials. They excel at transporting and dumping gravel, sand, crushed stone, soil, concrete, and demolition debris.


Landscapers rely heavily on dump trailers for jobs like hauling and spreading topsoil, mulch, rocks, gravel, and sand. They also use them to transport and deposit soil, plants, and other greenery from one site to another.

Farming and Agriculture

Farmers use dump trailers for hauling feed, seeds, fertilizer, hay, and other agricultural materials around the farm or from suppliers. Many farms also use them to spread and dump materials like manure in fields.

Hauling Scrap and Waste

Dump trailers are commonly used as an easy way to transport and dispose of scrap, waste, junk, and debris that accumulate from construction projects, demolition, yard cleanups, and other activities.

Loads like old concrete, tree branches, metal, or residential debris can quickly be hauled to a landfill, transfer station, or recycling facility.

Advantages of Using Dump Trailers

Easy Unloading

The hydraulic dump mechanism allows for high-speed unloading compared to manual methods. Simply pull the trailer to your unloading site, engage the hydraulics, open the gate, and the entire load slides out quickly with little effort required.

Saves Labor

Because of the fast and easy unloading process, dump trailers require far less labor, effort, and time to transport and distribute heavy, loose loads. So, fewer crew members are needed to do the same job.

Lower Costs

When you can do more work with less time and labor, this translates to better efficiency and lower operational costs. Dump trailers help control labor expenses, improve productivity, and maximize your profitability.

Better Safety

Using dump trailers mechanically minimizes the need for workers to manually shovel and unload heavy materials, reducing the risk of injuries and strain. It creates a safer working environment.


As you can see, dump trailers are incredibly versatile and can haul and unload all loose materials like gravel, soil, mulch, concrete, debris, snow, and much more. One trailer provides solutions for many applications.

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